How to Transfer a Firearm

Step-By-Step Transfer of a Firearm

There are two methods of transfer:

    A. Falling Skies Corp (FSC) to FFL dealer

    B. FFL dealer to Falling Skies Corp (FSC)

FSC to FFL Dealer

1. Purchase your firearm from Falling Skies Corp (FSC) via our website. Please note all firearms require they be sent to an FFL dealer.

2. Locate an FFL dealer in your area that will accept the transfer. Please note: An FFL dealer will usually charge a transfer fee that will be paid at the time of pickup. The fees vary so check with your FFL dealer ahead of time to request a quote on the fees related to the firearm transfer. If you need any help finding an FFL dealer in your area our staff will assist you in this process.

3. Your FFL dealer can send us a copy of their FFL license the following way:

A. Email:

B. Fax: 512-782-0304

C. Mailing Address:

Falling Skies Corp - FSC

2390 FM 2001, Unit A

Buda, TX 78610

Office: 512-621-4015

Toll Free: 800-381-4717

4. Once Falling Skies Corp receives confirmation of your FFL Dealer license and confirms the FFL dealers name shipping address we will then process your item and email you confirmation when the item has shipped.

5. We will also contact your FFL dealer and let them know your item is on the way.

7. Most items are shipped the same day we receive a copy of your FFL dealer's license.

8. Once the firearm arrives at your FFL dealer they will contact you to let you know it has arrived.

Thank you for considering Falling Skies Corp we strive for excellent customer service at all times!

FFL Dealer to FSC

1. We do NOT provide copies of our FFL to the customer. If you buy a gun online (for instance, from a dealer on Gunbroker), you'll need to provide us with:

    A. The dealer's contact information or valid drivers license of sender if it is an individual selling their


    B. Your (the purchaser) contact information

    C. A description or serial number of the gun you purchased

2. We will then contact the dealer and provide them with a copy of our FFL, and then the dealer will ship the gun to us.

3. We will notify you when it arrives, and you can come pick it up!

When mystery guns arrive without instructions, without a clear indication as to who the sender or intended recipient, it creates a logistical nightmare.

Firearms left unclaimed after 5 business days will be charged an additional storage fee. Firearms left unclaimed after 2 months will be sold in store.